This app uses the YouTube Data API v3 to fetch videos and other data from a YouTube channel. You will need a Google Developers Console account to enable YouTube Data API v3 for your app. 

The steps for creating the account and enabling the API will be shown in the later sections.

Also, the app uses Firebase for analytics, ads and sending push notifications. You'll also need a Firebase account to integrate Firebase inside your Android project.

The steps for creating the Firebase account and integration will be shown in the later sections.

You will need Android Studio to access the project which is the official IDE for Android development. If you haven't installed it on your machine, you can download it from here.

Importing the project to Android Studio:

  • Open Android Studio and select the option Open an existing Android Studio project.
  • Browse and select the project Channelify from the opened window and press OK.
  • Wait for the project to get built.
When the project is built for the first time, you may get an error stating that the google-services.json file is missing. This is normal as we haven't yet connected our project with Firebase.